Brazilian Striped Hammocks

100% Cotton Handcrafted in Brazil

Siesta Stripes

These images are examples of the siesta stripe hammock style only. Colours are variable multicoloured stripes and may differ from these pictures.

Colour Price Quantity
Striped HammockSingle: 105cm x 205cm - Capacity 200kg
Double: 160cm x 225cm - Capacity 260kg
Family/Queen: 185cm x 240cm - Capacity 260kg
Hammock Hanging Kit $20
Gift Wrapping $5

on all Australian orders!
Price includes GST

Hammock Hanging Kit

A sturdy and convenient way to hang your hammock,  leave the kit attached and unhook your hammock when not in use to prolong its life.

Consists of 2 heavy duty stainless steel hooks, each with a 3 metre length of UV stabilised anchor rope.

We suggest you tie it as pictured as it is a non-slip method, and can be easily removed.