Mexican Hammocks


Multi-coloured, strong and portable, perfect for home and holidays.  Soft cotton net with nylon ends. As these are handmade each hammock is a unique colour combination, the photo is just one example. Let us know if you have any colour preference and we’ll do our best to match it.

Available in

  • single (1 adult or 2 small children)
  • queen (2-3 people) or
  • king (4-5 people)
Colour Price Quantity
Mexican Hammock
Hammock Hanging Kit $20
Gift Wrapping $5

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Hammock Hanging Kit

A sturdy and convenient way to hang your hammock,  leave the kit attached and unhook your hammock when not in use to prolong its life.

Consists of 2 heavy duty stainless steel hooks, each with a 3 metre length of UV stabilised anchor rope.

We suggest you tie it as pictured as it is a non-slip method, and can be easily removed.